Website/system constructionWe build websites and web systems with our strength—CMS development—as our base.

  • 01Solutions offeredWe are your one stop shop for everything from strategy formulation to design, development, construction, and operation.

    We build large-scale websites and web systems with our strength—CMS development—as our base.
    We offer not only UI/UX design perfectly suited to the user but sites and systems mindful of future expandability and maintainability which can be used as platforms.
    We carry out design and implementation as well as infrastructure construction for a variety of CMSs mainly with Movable Type. And we consistently provide infrastructures, CMSs, and support with our service, SmartSync Platform.

  • DirectionDirection SupportSupport DevelopingDeveloping

  • UI/UX design creation

    UI/UX design creation

    We decide on target users, examine the competition, and perform UI/UX design upon clarification of the desired user experience to create an appealing design. We also create our designs conscious of expandability not only at the time of a site's launch but in the future as well as the feasibility of the system.

  • System design and development

    System design and development

    COLSIS executes everything from the design to the development of web systems and applications. By consolidating UI/UX design, system design and development, and everything between, we are able to realize an even richer user experience.

  • Front-end development

    Front-end development

    Front-end development is gaining more importance in recent years due to websites and applications. We make highly maintainable construction and data with a better connection to back-end aspects a reality.

  • Infrastructure design and construction

    Infrastructure design and construction

    COLSIS designs infrastructures in line with the customer's guidelines and operational status, and also constructs server middleware using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • CMS design and construction

    CMS design and construction

    We provide Movable Type-focused CMS construction and installation service with various CMSs, such as Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and Drupal. We utilize the knowledge acquired from our diverse achievements to offer designs and construction that meet the customer's wishes.

  • Site operation, maintenance, and support

    Site operation, maintenance, and support

    Once a website, system, or application is complete, it enters into the operation phase. However, our work doesn't end at production and delivery. After the site's release, we operate and improve it together with the customer, also offering maintenance and support.

  • 02Specialty areas and industriesWe excel in websites and systems with excellent maintainability and expandability which allow for long-term use.

    The release of a website or system isn't the end result. Even after the release, it is necessary to make improvements in line with business growth and changes in users and the times.
    Our ultimate area of expertise is the design, construction, and operation of websites and systems used as long-term information dissemination platforms.

  • Specialty areas and industries

  • Corporate site construction

    Corporate site construction

    We build corporate sites which disseminate diverse information, such as corporate, service, and investor relations information. We also work in the design of operation flows which can be used among multiple departments in addition to the design and construction of CMSs conscious of handling highly confidential information while also offering magnificent renewability.

  • Cultural establishment site construction

    Cultural establishment site construction

    Using the knowledge and experience of our affiliated subsidiary, Alliance Port Inc., we have obtained numerous achievements with a focus on cultural establishments like art museums and science museums. We also consider the operation of calendars, event information, etc. in the design of our CMSs.

  • B2B site and service site construction

    B2B site and service site construction

    At COLSIS, we have a diverse range of customers from those in the manufacturing industry with niche targets to others dealing in B2B services. We begin construction upon consideration of a method of presentation suited to the target user.

  • Multilingual, multi-base site construction

    Multilingual, multi-base site construction

    We build websites handling multiple languages, such as foreign-language sites and multi-base sites. We offer our support with multilingualization, including function implementation in CMSs, automatization of the translation process, and more.

  • Global service localization

    Global service localization

    COLSIS localizes global services through the construction of the website. We communicate with our headquarters for design and construction in accordance with the Japanese market.

  • Web system development

    Web system development

    We design and develop specialty web systems for applications, such as rate simulators and invitation-to-bid systems, which require computational logic and special management screens.


Strategy formulation

Strategy formulation

  • Analysis of customer's company/competition
  • Customer experience design
  • Persona design
  • Improvement concept formulation
Design development

Design development

  • Site construction formulation
  • Screen design
  • Design
  • Front-end development
  • System design/development
  • Infrastructure design/development


  • Test plan
  • Test
  • Security test
  • Performance assessment

OperationAdditional renovation
to operation support

  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Site operation/renovation
  • Site analysis
  • Report
  • Continued support even after release

An appropriate workflow is necessary to make a project a success. At COLSIS, we put together project rules and workflows using our diverse knowledge and experience to date.

We arrive at the ideal kind of website or system for you in the design phase and move forward with its construction. Our expert QA team plans and conducts tests ensuring the construction of systems which can stand up to different levels of site quality.

Related examples

  • KDDI Evolva, Inc. Corporate site renewal

  • KDDI Evolva, Inc.Corporate site renewal

    COLSIS produced the corporate site for KDDI Evolva, implementing Movable Type construction. Designing an infrastructure mindful of security needs and putting together an operation flow upon reconsideration of the management screen's design led to smooth operation and shortened production time.

  • 03Movable Type solutionsCOLSIS offers specialized Movable Type problem solving and its own products and services.

    Created in 2004, Movable Type is used by a number of companies and organizations in Japan due to the safety and ease of use it offers, but there are many cases where it can be problematic from the perspective of expansion and long-term system use. COLSIS uses its years of knowledge and experience to offer solutions to advanced issues with Movable Type.
    We also offer our own products and services mainly on our COLSIS 3rd Focus site.

Some examples of our solutions

  • Movable Type version upgrades

    Movable Type version upgrades

  • Movable Type acceleration tuning

    Movable Type acceleration tuning

  • Relocation to Amazon Web Services

    Relocation to Amazon Web Services

  • Transfers from current management companies

    Transfers from current management companies

  • Original plugin development

    Original plugin development

  • Movable Type 7 Support
  • Movable Type 7 Support

    COLSIS provide standard technical support for the Movable Type users (MT Users) who purchased our “Movable Type Technical Support Service” additionally.
    Please make inquiries using the Movable Type 7 Support form after purchase.

  • 3rd Focus
  • 3rd Focus

    3rd Focus is a commercial Movable Type license and expansion plugin software label. Notable plugin developers join us in plugin development, and we provide numerous plugins to further strengthen Movable Type functions as a CMS while also keeping things simple.

  • Movable Type SmartSync Pack
  • Movable Type SmartSync Pack

    This is a COLSIS-developed plugin package. It is a bundle pack focused on server distribution and workflow functions with the necessary functions and Movable Type licenses for use by enterprises. The package strengthens functionality while retaining Movable Type's expandability, and by narrowing down the necessary functions, you can expect a lot from a performance standpoint.

  • Movable Type SmartSync Platform
  • Movable Type SmartSync Platform

    Movable Type SmartSync Platform offers highly expandable, security-conscious CMS platform service to enterprises on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
    Necessary plugin packages for use by enterprises are included in addition to Movable Type licenses. Choose the platform best suited to your business with an extensive server lineup.