Travel solutionsCOLSIS designs websites and develops systems specially made for the travel industry. Upon consideration of system feasibility, we offer total implementation from UI/UX design perfectly suited to users to the development of efficiently operational systems.

  • 01Solutions offeredWe excel in website production and system development tailored to the travel industry.

    COLSIS understands the complex systems and rules of the travel industry and offers site production and system development including back-end development, API linkage, and more—not to mention easy-to-use user-oriented UI/UX design.

  • Solutions offered

  • UI/UX design

    UI/UX design

    We create UI/UX designs for flight info, dynamic packaging, and other aspects which have numerous constraints and tend to be tricky from a spec point of view. We also propose interfaces conscious of system feasibility while pursuing ease of use among users.

  • Front-end development

    Front-end development

    We implement front-end development using HTML/JavaScript as a base for the designs created. We design and implement seat availability modules, API linkage to back-end systems, and more.

  • System development

    System development

    At COLSIS, we design and implement systems including back-end infrastructures for the management screens, reservations, payments, member pages, etc. of optional tour systems, hotel reservation systems, and other such systems.

  • 02Development achievements to dateWe build sites and systems handling a variety of travel products, such as plane tickets, package tours, and optional tours.

  • Official website production

    Official website production

    COLSIS builds official websites posting a variety of different information. Using our strength—CMS construction—and UI/UX design, we are able to build platforms which can disseminate information instantaneously.

  • Production of interfaces for plane ticket vending systems

    Production of interfaces for plane ticket vending systems

    We create the interfaces of product search and reservation systems for plane ticket sales, dynamic packaging, and the like. We also understand the product characteristics and variations of different airline companies and produce interfaces with an understanding of the restrictive conditions presented by back-end aspects.

  • Optional tour system development

    Optional tour system development

    COLSIS develops systems which can sell individual optional tours amidst these current times when FITs are becoming prominent. From a front-end perspective, we build systems offering product searches, reservations, and voucher issuance on member pages, and from a back-end perspective, systems performing product registration, reservation arrangement, and membership management.

  • Hotel reservation system development

    Hotel reservation system development

    We provide systems which can link up with booking engines and handle hotels on your own company's site. We also offer systems which pursue ease of use with seat availability inquiries, plan searches, and more.

  • Special project page production

    Special project page production

    At COLSIS, we create special project pages suited to an array of different users. By integrating everything from the creation of the project's content details to its design and production, we are able to produce pages inspiring in users the sense of excitement that comes with travel.

Related examples

  • ANA Sales Co., Ltd.
  • ANA Sales Co., Ltd.Production of a special site for the Go To Travel Campaign

    We had the privilege of designing, producing, and developing ANA Sales's special Go To Travel Campaign site. We linked the API on the booking engine's end and created a special tour search screen understandable by users.

  • Skymark Airlines Inc.

  • Skymark Airlines Inc.UI/UX design for automatic check-in machines

    COLSIS was put in charge of the UI/UX design for Skymark Airlines Inc.'s automatic check-in machines. We sought to realize easier usability and performed heuristic analyses in regard to UI/UX and also revealed issues and points of improvement with the old screens.

  • AIRDO Co., Ltd.
  • AIRDO Co., Ltd.Movable Type construction

    We carried out Movable Type construction for AIRDO Co., Ltd.'s corporate site together with Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. After the site's renewal, we have managed all of the contents of the Japanese and English pages using Movable Type, aiming for enhanced maintainability.